Who we are
Story / history of the brand Thailand has been well-known for the deliciousness and high quality of food processing for decades. Millions of Thai snack has been exported globally every year. Recently snack industry has seen a sharp growth of snack processed from aquatic animals such as crispy fish skin and shrimp chin snack. Our investors saw the opportunity in this market segment and decided to invest more than 20 millions baht of capital to establish a food processing manufactory company under standard of GMP-HACCP, HALAL AND FDA, Food Onward Co., Ltd.
Food Onward was established since 2019 to process a value-added product from aquatic animal, fruits and vegetable. The word “Onward” of the company name stands for the aim of company to have a sustainable growth. We want to be recognised and become a global company one day. "GROW WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND, GROW WITH FOOD ONWARD"
Mission We aim to export more than
10 countries worldwide
and have a 9 digit sales within 2025
Vision To be recognised as a high quality snack and food processing company in the world. To grow together with partner band in developing value-added products from aquatic animals.
Work Smart, Work Hard, Optimistic
FOOD ONWARD We use all high technology machine to produce the finest foods for you!